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Welcome to the “ORANGE TAIL”  
A website f
or all employees who worked for SAL-SAA during the period of 1934 to the late 1990′s when SAA had those distinctive “Orange Tails”.
Note that this website is no longer updated.
The Orange Tail Website moved to Facebook.

The Orange Tail on FB recently underwent several changes following suggestions from our members. In order to make accessing all the news and information posted, we combined several of our groups, reducing our “footprint” to only 5 FB Groups. They are:

#01 – MAIN GROUP FOR OTA:   <<click on this link>>
The majority of our postings will appear here. This FB group incorporates the following old groups: In Memoriam, Members News, SAA In the News, Lost & Found @ SAA, OTA Pensioners News, General Aviation News, SAA Museum Happenings, (H)Airline Cracks.

#02 – MEMORIES OF SAA:  <<click on this link>>
SAA Archived News, Those were the days at SAA, SAA Wall of Remembrance,  SAA Orange Tail Aircraft Pics, My SAA Memories Pics, Orange Tail Memorabilia, SAA Uniforms since 1934, Orange Tail Social Events, Airport News & Memories, General Aviation Videos, Today in SAA History, SAA’s 8 Fatal Air Crashes.

#03 – AROUND THE WORLD WITH SAA:  <<click on this link>>
Rio de Janeiro, New York, Ilha do Sal, Las Palmas, London, Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Aussie, Mauritius.

#04 – SAA CREW GROUP:  <<click on this link>>
Galley Vanting, Flight Engineers Forum, Sharp End Stuff.

#05 – GROUND STAFF @ SAA:   <<click on this link>>
Ground Staff, Freight Staff, SAA Technical, Ground Hostie’s Unite.


Ab 46 – 1946 SAA Ab Initio – >>CLICK  HERE<<
Ab 47 – 1947 SAA Ab Initio - >>CLICK  HERE<<
Ab 65 – 1965 SAA Ab Initio - >>CLICK  HERE<<
Ab 66 – 1966 SAA Ab Initio - >>CLICK  HERE<<
Ab 67 – 1967 SAA Ab Initio - >>CLICK  HERE<<
Ab 69 – 1969 SAA Ab Initio - >>CLICK  HERE<<
Ab 70 – 1970 SAA Ab Initio - >>CLICK  HERE<<
Ab 71 – 1971 SAA Ab Initio - >>CLICK  HERE<<
Ab 72 – 1972 SAA Ab Initio - >>CLICK  HERE<<
Ab 74 – 1974 SAA Ab Initio - >>CLICK  HERE<<
Ab 86 – 1986 SAA Ab Initio - >>CLICK  HERE<<
Ab 87 – 1987 SAA Ab Initio - >>CLICK  HERE<<
Ab 88 – 1988 SAA Ab Initio - >>CLICK  HERE<<
Ab 89 – 1989 SAA Ab Initio - >>CLICK  HERE<<
Ab 90 – 1990 SAA Ab Initio - >>CLICK  HERE<<

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The Aim of the Orange Tail Association 
* To keep our members informed  

    * To help keep friendships and memories alive    .
.  * To assist through our Pensioners Support Fund


2017 Membership 

PAYMENTS: If you would like to make your 2017 Membership payment, or make a donation, you can view our banking details >>HERE<<

NEW MEMBERS:   Welcome! You do not have to contribute to help support our pensioners in need, or to the running cost of the organisation for the first calendar year (or part thereof). The Orange Tail Association will pay your membership for you. This will give you an opportunity to evaluate the Association. We obviously have expenses such as Office Admin Staff, Website hosting and development, Internet, Telephone, SMS, Stationery, Postage, flowers at funerals etc to pay, so any assistance from your side will be very welcome.

CARING FOR OUR PENSIONERS:  Our biggest expense is caring for our needy pensioners. You may know that for many years they have only been getting a 2% increase in pension. This actually means that compared to the 9% inflation in Food & Medical, they are each year getting 7% less than the previous year.
We feed around 30 pensioners at any given time. We provide medication, transport to hospitals, clothing, etc. to many. Over the past 2 years we bought 31 gas heaters to provide warmth during winter to ex SAA pensioners, some who live in outbuildings and even in shacks. This winter we have to fill the gasbottles again. This year we had to buy 2 power generators for pensioners dependant on oxygen machines, to keep them alive during loadshedding. All these expenses have completely drained our cash reserves.

AFFORDABILITY:     As always we will never ever deny anybody access to the Orange Tail website. If you can not afford the R10 per month membership, please pay a nominal amount – even R1 or R2 per month. We will pay the balance for you. Many thanks to those who monthly contribute to our Pensioners Support Fund – they get free membership. Let’s all work together unselfishly to keep the Orange Tail association alive.